What is SCOOP?

SCOOP is a network platform that we are developing for primary care to support reflective practice. It will allow for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) enabled practices to work together to answer a range of clinical questions and, if they wish, to participate in clinical studies as a network or a set of nested networks.

Our goal is to do this in a standards based approach that would allow multiple EMRs to work within a network and would ensure that the data used in answering the questions never left the control of the providers.

There are many challenges to overcome as we design and build this. We are approaching this iteratively and building it off open source technologies (and we are licensing our work using open source licenses so we can attract collaborators).

We are building these tools to help the UBC Primary Care Research Network and the Physician Data Collaborative of BC. However, this site is focused on the iterative design and building of the software. It will, intentionally, focus less on the deployment of the network itself. Deployments, of course, will be key to informing design, priorities and features so there will be some overlap. The tools are not meant to be only used in BC.

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